Welcome to Site Caddy Help

Welcome to Site Caddy, and the Site Caddy Help Site.  This site is a complete reference to all the features in the Site Caddy system.  Find help in the following areas...

Getting Started Guides

If this is your first time using Site Caddy, then this is the right place to start. The Getting Started Guides will give you a general overview of all the areas and capabilities of the system, without getting bogged down in detail. And if you're an experienced Site Caddy user, the Getting Started Guides can be a good place for a general refresher course, and to make sure you're aware of all the latest features available in your account.  Get started here.

Help Section

The Help Section is the meat of the Site Caddy help site, with hundreds of help pages providing all the details on almost every aspect of the system.  Go to the Help Section.

Cheat Sheets

Sometimes you just want a “quick reminder” of how to perform a common task such as creating a new page or sending an e-mail campaign. These Cheat Sheets do just that – simple, step by step guides to performing Site Caddy tasks, each with a link to the corresponding help page when you need more detail. New sheets will be added regularly!  Start cheating.

Site Caddy Incubator

The Site Caddy team are always hard at work making the existing features better, and adding new features to help you get the most out of your account.  The Site Caddy Incubator gives us a chance to show you what we're working on before it's released, and get feedback on which projects you think are the most important.  See what's cooking.

News and Notes

This is where the Site Caddy team will post news and information on topics such as new features, new documentation and tutorials, events such as webinars, and maintenance notices.  These news items are also listed on the home page of the Site Caddy Manager so you can see them each time you log into your account.  Latest news.

Reference Desk

Not the most exciting area of the Help Site, the Reference Desk is a repository for documents referenced in other areas of the site.  Reference desk.

Finding Support and Help

Every Site Caddy account includes support from the Site Caddy team.  Use this area of the site to review support options and learn how to contact support.  Find help.